Meet The A-Team!

Who will you have to become to achieve all you want?  

We are a Team of men and women dedicated to improving our lives and the lives of others by starting with OURSELVES.  We work on learning and growing every day.  We are committed to our health, our fitness and we model that behavior to the people around us.   We understand that must be the change that we wish to see in the world.  And no matter what, we don’t give up!

We are passionate about guiding others on their health and fitness journeys through our online fitness challenge groups! Challenge groups have been the best way for us to get to know our customers and to help them on a daily basis.  Participants commit to following a workout program and investing in their nutrition…..this is key for their results!  In return, our coaches help them with meal planning, grocery shopping, fitness and nutrition advice and staying on track. The accountability of a group is so awesome and it really works!

Coaching is a business opportunity. It is NOT a pyramid scheme or a “get rich quick” scheme. Just like ANY job, you have to put in the work and effort to start seeing a consistent income for yourself. It is NOT hard work but enjoyable and fulfilling “work.”

We don’t do drama, whining, or cattiness.  We are doers, not excuse-makers.   We call each other out when necessary, but we always lift each other up.   ATTITUDE.  ACTION.  ACCOUNTABILITY.

If you would like to join this incredible group of people to help change lives and have the potential to make a part time or FULL time income, please scroll down below and fill out the application. I ask that you please take this application *SERIOUSLY.*  This is my business. I do not treat this like a hobby and I am ready to mentor those who are ready to put forth the same effort I have so I can help them achieve the same success.

You do not have to be a fitness professional, you do not have to be at your ideal weight or goal but what you do need to do is be passionate about helping people, be teachable and be willing to give this at least 1 year and give it your ALL!  Please only apply if you are ready to take this seriously. Thank you



Ready to join the A-Team?  Fill out the application by clicking the button below and we’ll chat!